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        Your trust partner

        CHENZHU company was established in 2002, who acted as strategic national team from Shanghai Institute of Process Automation Instrumentation (SIPAI), has grown as a leading brand providing high quality protective product fro your important asset in both Process Automation and Factory Automation industry, such as intrinsic barriers, signal conditioner, surge protection devices, safety relays, temperature transmitter and I/O etc.

        23 Years
        Focus on automation
        Security field protection
        160 Work Force
        Echelon of high-quality talents
        More than 40 technicians
        430 Million pcs
        Product cumulative sales
        4000 Projects
        Widely used in various basic industries
        Won widespread praise from customers

        CHENZHU is located in Shanghai, China which have been on the intrinsic safety market since 1997.
        CHENZHU high quality, safety, and reliability products protect various technological equipment in a lot of countries globally.


        Strong& professional

        High-class and fast technical support, regular training of specialists as well as extensive marketing and sales services?? are our standards. CHENZHU offer 5 years warranty since 2013.


        New Technology Enterprise Certificate
        National industrial production permit
        Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification
        Passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        Passed OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification
        Passed ATEX/IECEx explosion-proof quality management system certification
        Passed China Classification Society type approval
        Pass the safety production standardization certification
        Passed the certification of the integration of the two management systems
        Passed TUV functional safety factory quality system certification

        Government honor

        Shanghai May 1st Labor Certificate
        Shanghai Advanced Private Enterprise
        Shanghai specializes in new SMEs
        Shanghai Harmonious Labor Relations Standard Enterprise
        Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant (Cultivation) Enterprise
        A-level certification of Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project
        Three-star integrity to create a business
        Songjiang District Government Quality Innovation Award
        Songjiang District Enterprise Technology Center
        Patent Pilot Enterprise in Songjiang District

        Industry responsible

        Director Unit of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association
        Group member of China Instrument Industry Association
        Standing Director Unit of Management Science Branch of China Instrument and Control Society
        Member of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association
        Director Unit of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Automation Application Association
        Member of Shanghai Instrument Industry Association
        Council Member of Shanghai Instrument and Meter Industry Association
        Top Ten Economic Operation Enterprises in Shanghai Instrumentation Industry
        Member of Shanghai Lightning Protection Association
        A benchmark enterprise in the integration of two industrializations in the instrumentation industry

        certified productcertified

        IECEx/ATEX/Nepsi Explosion proofcertified
        TUV/SITIIAS Functional safetycertified
        Lightning protection type test
        Type test of special equipment
        Conformity identification of Sinopec standards


        Quality & world standars

        Chenzhu R&D Center has established a research and development system for safety protection electronic products and equipment that is regulated by Chinese national standards and IEC international standards, with functional safety as its specialty, and intrinsically safe explosion-proof products. It has an evaluation and development system that meets the ISO 17025 standard. An independent laboratory accredited by TUV Rheinland, Germany, implements management throughout its life cycle.

        R&D team occupied 28% of our work force, more than 12% of sale revenue taken as R&D investment. CHENZHU take efforts into continuous innovation as our foundation of further development and more than 110 patents related core tech was obtained. CHENZHU internal laboratory was authorized by T??V Rheinland??group base on ISO/IEC 17025 to better support R&D, which test capabalities reaches to more than 70 items.

        70+ test items Comprehensive and professional test items support product performance

        High and low temperature test
        Temperature shock test
        Constant damp heat test
        Alternating test
        Vibration test
        Electrostatic discharge immunity test
        Radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity test
        Electrical fast transient pulse group immunity test
        Surge (impact) immunity test
        Conducted immunity test induced by radio frequency electromagnetic field
        I, II, III impact test
        Action load test
        Combined wave test
        Insertion and return loss test
        Thermal stability test
        Basic function test
        Capacitance influence test
        Fault tolerance test
        Electrical safety test
        Long-term reliability test


        Smart & flexible

        With annual 1 million pcs production capacity, our smart and flexible manufacturing process is designed to carter your applications need in short processing time. All the production data is recorded and tracked.

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